Natural Therapies

Naturotherapies include the use of a wide variety of treatments, the most prominent are nutrition & lifestyle counseling and herbal medicine.

Naturotherapies may also include in-house and/or lab tests such as saliva tests for hormone levels, mineral/heavy metal hair analysis, sensitivity testing and other similar tests. The inclusion of quantum biofeedback treatments, aromatherapy, supplementation, herbal remedies, relaxation and stress reduction techniques, bodywork, drainage & detoxification protocols are also encompassed within the naturotherapy service area.

Naturotherapy recommendations are included as part of a Holistic Health assessment along with other primary medical modalities such as Homeopathy.

A nutritional assessment investigates the relationship between an individual’s diet and health requirements. Recommendations may include specialized dietary protocols, nutritional supplementation, enzyme therapy, specialized targeted formulas, as well as, specific strategies to correct issues such as Malabsorption, Dysbiosis (leaky gut), Candidiasis (yeast overgrowth), Inflammatory Disease, etc.

Herbal medicine employs the use of medicinal plants in a wide variety of formulas and applications, and may be recommended for both internal and external use.